Ira Feldman – Principal Consultant, President & CEO – With over thirty years experience in managing and developing unique high technology solutions and business strategies he has gained broad knowledge and management experience with high volume manufacturing of complex technology products. He has extensive expertise in the semiconductor test and computer test industries with Microfabrica, NanoNexus, Agilent Technologies, and Hewlett-Packard. He holds both a BS in Engineering and a Master of Engineering degree from Harvey Mudd College.  [Personal Blog] [LinkedIn] [Twitter]

Steve Mahon – Principal Consultant –  Has thirty four years of industrial experience as an executive, technical manager, and semiconductor engineer in the areas of test capital equipment, CMOS, SAW, BAW, and GaAs integrated circuits manufacturing.  He has a strong technical foundation in semiconductor unit processing, yield improvement, process integration and processing equipment.  Following his industrial experience Steve has five years of consulting experience specializing in in acoustic SAW/BAW filters and GaAs processing. Steve has broad experience in factory operation, wafer fabrication facilities, semiconductor failure analysis, reliability engineering, integrated circuit product/ test engineering. Steve can supply solid managerial and team building skills with experience in technology transfer programs. [LinkedIn]

David A. Peterson – Chief Operating Officer – Has over twenty years experience in developing and managing teams supporting complex commercial software projects and products. These have included both highly specialized military / aerospace and extremely mission critical data center data storage solutions. He holds a BSE in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Network Resources – Feldman Engineering utilizes an extensive network of experts and specialists to rapidly and efficiently solve our partner’s challenges. Recent team members include:

  • An engineer-programmer with over fifteen years experience in providing programming support for engineering projects. Recent project engagements include Excel Visual Basic programming and design tool automation for extremely large data sets.
  • A CAD Design Engineer with over fifteen years experience specializing in high complexity printed circuit boards and unique fabrication methods supporting the probe card industry.
  • An Automated Test Equipment (ATE) industry veteran with over twenty-five years experience who has provided insight into corporate transactions and market conditions.